Museum Discovery Center November 2017

Notes and Pictures by Chris Johnson, Vice-President

On November 18th and 19th 2017  we had an exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum (Castle Hill annex) for 2 days. We exhibited some models, including ones for the kids to play with, my Velocipede (1922 wind up model) draws them (it has been to Skegness and NZ).

But the huge surprise was the number of kids who built models (as you will see in the pictures…and the number of parents who “helped” 🙂 ).

We supplied 6 Meccano sets, about a modern Number 6 set, with extra interesting parts and plenty of gears. There were also a clockwork motor and chain and sprockets (with pliers) for the adventurous. We also supplied a 1925 manual for each set (about 1.33 times original size) for inspirations, parts list and some inspirational words from the Meccano Ltd. Also to inspire them I had colour pictures of myself (when 9) and my brothers with models, some original, but also pictures of the robot, the grandfather clock and the Number 9? set cargo ship (my father helped my brothers build).

As you will see the age is very young 4- 9 years old and many parents helped (who had fun) and it was a huge success. I realize that this age group is a bit young, but we have to start somewhere.

Young Modellers Pictures

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