For Sale and Wanted

For Sale

Please note: The Meccano Modellers Association Sydney Inc. provides this page as a free service for members and others interested in Meccano.  We can not vouch for information displayed, nor are we a party to any sales that result.

Mary Thom – Meccano for Sale

Mary Thom has a sizeable amount of Meccano for sale at Chatswood.
It is in very good condition. A lot is unused.
Please inquire of Mary on 02 9419 5851

Rob & Chrystine Renfrew – Meccano for Sale

Rob and Chrystine have a number of Meccano items for sale which will be offered at the next Association Meeting (details here).

Prices are and details are as follows:

1Set #1Used, complete$15
2Set #2Used, complete$25
3Set #3Used, complete$35
4Set #4Used, complete$45
5Set #7Used, complete$70
6Set #4ELUsed, complete$100
7Army Multi KitUsed, complete except for sticker$50
8Miscellaneous Army Parts$5
9Set #4 Standardell used, no driving bands, otherwise complete, includes manuals$10
10Set #4 Standardell used, no driving bands, otherwise complete, includes manuals$10
11Set #3Well used$20
12Caterpillar TrackUnboxed$30

Pictures ( some items have several pictures):

Hold mouse over picture for caption.

Clive Heckenberg – Meccano for Sale

Clive Heckenberg has a further collection of Meccano items for sale.
His contact number is 0488 595 188. He is open to offers.

Ian Tomlinson – Meccano For Sale

Ian has a number of items for sale. He lives in Newcastle. A (realistic) price is negotiable. He can be contacted on 0419 666 533.

Bob – Meccano For Sale

Bob has provided a long list of Meccano for sale. Prices, contact information and pictures can be found here.