This is the website for the Meccano Modellers Association Sydney, a friendly group of Meccano enthusiasts based in Sydney.

Please feel free to contact us, come to our next meeting or join to get our regular newsletter.

Next Meeting


Future meetings will be announced as soon as the pandemic releases its grip.

Meanwhile …

Newsletters will continue as normal.

Articles from members are most welcome. The closing date for the next issue is 30th August.

Even if we can’t meet to look at each other’s models, we can still write them up for the newsletter and share them that way!

Articles on any Meccano related topic are most welcome for the newsletter, website or both!

If you have more photographs than will fit in an article, but would still be interesting to Meccano enthusiasts, you can have your own gallery on the web site. Just send the pictures (with titles please) to the webmaster: webmaster@sydneymeccanomodellers.org.au

Keep safe and well!