Annual Exhibition

The 37th Annual Exhibition was held on 28th April 2018 and images from the exhibition can be seen here.

Meeting and AGM held on 24rd March 2018

The meeting was held at Uniting Church Hall,
Mount Colah with twenty members present.

Being an AGM, a large proportion of the time was spent on reports from the varoius officers of the organisation and election of the Committee for 2018. However, there was plenty of time left over for the real business of looking at, and discussing, the many Meccano models members had brought along.

The President, Lee Squires, delivers the President’s report for 2018 …

… and members look on with rapt attention

Forestville Model Train Show 3rd and 4th March 2018

The North Shore Railway Modellers’ Association, Inc had their annual exhibition in Forestville and MMASI attended. More information and pictures here.

Regular Meeting on 20th January 2018

A successful meeting was held at Belrose Community Hall with sixteen members present.

Lee Squires (President) introduces the meeting in front of a selection of models.

From The  November Club Display at the Museum Discovery Center

Members attended the open Days at the Museum Discovery Center, Castle Hill on the 18th and 19th November.  This was a great success with many young enthusiasts becoming involved. Chris Johnson has provided a description and many pictures here.

From the September 2017 Meeting
Max Crago

An album and certificate of
appreciation is presented to Max.
On behalf of the club, Lee presented
Max with an album of club photos and
a certificate in appreciation of Max’s
sustained support for Meccano
Modellers Association Sydney from
its foundation in 1981.

May Thom

Lee presents Mary Thom with an
album of photos compiled by Michael
Links in appreciation of her continuing
support of the club and in memory of
her husband, the late Dave Thom who
was an active member for more than a

Jack Hexttell’s drunken machine

Nick heinze’s rare 1938 Meccano No. 6 Set

Ken Freeman’s mobile Workshop