Next Meeting

Preliminary Information Subject to Change due to Covid-19 Rules


Noon, Saturday 1st May 2021


Mount Colah Uniting Church

cnr Amaroo Ave and Pacific Hwy Enter off Amaroo Avenue


The meeting would be conducted under the Meccano Covid Safety Plan which is adapted from a similar plan created for the Uniting Church and approved by the local Church Council.

Following the rules in the Covid Safety Plan require members to

  1. Sign-in on arrival,
  2. Sterilise hands,
  3. Keep social distance at all times,
  4. Members should bring their own cup/mug (or use disposable paper/plastic cups),
  5. No food can be shared (people must bring their own).
  6. People would not be permitted to congregate at any model,but would have to file past the line of models slowly, then proceed to a (well­ separated)
  7. Demonstration of each model in turn could then take place in the usual way with people seated at their separated l
  8. Covid19 can survive on surfaces for many hours therefore people should not handle another person’s models.

Other facts to be aware of include:

  1. The meeting would be in the main church, not in the hall where we have met in the The main church is much larger, and social distancing can be readily achieved both in terms of spacing of models on well­ spaced tables, and spacing of people sitting on well-spaced seats. (We would simply use the spaced seats that are set up for the regular church meetings.)
  2. A Marshall (or Marshalls) would be present at the entrance to ensure that all visitors sign in and are made aware of the rules for entry and participation in the meeting. One of the Marshalls would be Murray’s wife Jo, who would be in attendance throughout .Other Marshalls could be nominated members.
  3. There is a large foyer area where food can be placed on tables and enough room for people to queue up in a spaced line to get their tea/coffee, take their own food,then proceed elsewhere (including outside) to eat and drink while maintaining social The Marshall(s) would be supervising all this.
  4. There is enough space and plenty of tables for members to bring two or three (or four if smaller) models each.GPO Power outlets are available – people might have to bring their own extension (There are a limited number of power points)
  5. Attached is the plan of the church showing the large worship area and
  6. The Club will provide face masks in anticipation they will be useful.

As the NSW Government regulations currently stand, everyone who enters the building must wear a mask and must sign in.  People who do not have a mask will not be allowed entry. Last time we had a few people who turned up without masks and we did allow them in  but this time we cannot be lenient.

(Otherwise the Church can be fined.)

We would also like to remind members that no one is to touch anyone else’s models.