Bev Bayer – Meccano For Sale

No 8 complete set for sale, $300 OBO

Bought Christmas 1953 in Canada, one owner since then. Packaging is unfortunately damaged – a combination of wear and tear, and silverfish. Lid and insert tray unfortunately are both missing ends, as illustrated.

Manual in good condition, plus a Canadian brochure from about that time, showing amazing prices!

According to the contents list, it’s missing a spring clip, a 2″ axle rod, a hank of cord, 1 washer and a driving band. There is EXTRA – 1x 5 1/2″ perforated strip, and 1x 1/2″ x 1/2″ obtuse angle bracket.

Pictures show components twist-tied together, fastened with a bolt and nut, or mounted on axle rods.

There may be other discrepancies, such as grub screws replaced with bolts, but for something 70 years old, it’s pretty complete!

It can be picked up in Canberra, but for shipping, I would have to build a shipping box and charge $20 plus the shipping cost. Payment method would have to be negotiated.

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