A Tribute to Max Crago by Warwick Lewis

I first met Max when I went to the Meccano Annual Exhibition at Frenchs Forest as a visitor in 1994. Max explained the Meccano club’s activities to me and asked if I would like to join. I was in a state of bewilderment from seeing the variety of Meccano models on display and I gladly signed up as a member of the Meccano Modellers Association.

I didn’t realize that Max has other talents as an entertainer. He would visit various retirement villages throughout Sydney as a musician and dancer. Sometimes, after visiting a retirement village in my suburb of Winston Hills he would drop in, unannounced, for a chat and a cup of tea. Whilst Meccano and the club were the main topics of our conversation, Max was also interested in my sheet music collection (acquired over many years), explaining that he worked for a printing firm that published sheet music. However, Max did not need to read sheet music when he played “On the Sunny Side of the Street” on my piano.

Nearly nineteen years ago, I was honoured when Max and Ann attended my surprise 60th birthday at my home. That was quite a trip for them from Warriewood.

Max was most helpful when I took over his secretarial and treasurer roles of the club in 2014. His organizational skills were evident and I was very impressed by his A2-sized perpetual calendar which enabled him to keep track of and plan dates of meetings and events.

I acquired some of Max’s vintage Meccano models when he auctioned them in 2017. I proudly display them on a shelf in my bookcase.

I am grateful for having known Max for twenty-seven years and I will miss him dearly.