In Memorium Max Crago

Max Crago passed away on 29th August 2021. This page is in memory of him.

To all Members

It is with great regret that I have to inform you that Max Crago passed away last Sunday.

Max Crago, as can be seen in the Manly Daily article below, conceived the Meccano Modellers Association Sydney and unlike many who promise and don’t deliver, Max delivered!

If it wasn’t for Covid lockdown, we would celebrating our 40th year as a Meccano fraternity and association.

The many friendships, models and public exhibitions all came from Max’s dream, which he turned into a reality, which we and many others enjoy to this day.

Our condolences to the Crago family, of which there are many.

Max is and will be remembered with fond affection and a multitude of happy memories by all who have known him.

A eulogy will be prepared for the next Newsletter. Please send contributions to the Editor.

Lee Squires

Chris Johnson
Vice President.

Max ‘s model undercover at the Queen Victoria exhibition for Hobbyco
Hobbyco Exhibition 2011, Mike Holland, Max Crago Mike Wall (Owner) Hobbyco, Chris Johnson
Max being presented with an “Award for Excellence in Meccano Service and Enterprise” by President Lee Squires
2017 Annual Exhibition, Max with a selection of car models demonstrating different Meccano colour schemes
Max model’s in pre 1920s Meccano
Max (4th from the left)having a cuppa after a Meccano meeting at Mike Link’s house in 1991
Max being presented with his Life Membership of the Meccano Modellers Association 2013 by Malcolm Booker (President)
Max at the Annual Dinner after the 38th Exhibition in 2019
Lee Squires presenting Max with a tribute 9/10/17
Max Crago’s Cars for the Annual Exhibition No 36, 29/4/2017

In his later years, Max was a resident Collaroy Plateau Nursing Home. but he still was an active Meccano enthusiast.

MAx’s Eiffel Tower has prominant spot in the vestibule
Max with his auto-biography

While downsizing his home, Max auctioned several of his models which were enthusiatically collected by others club members.

This gallery is from the auction. Click on the models for a better view!

The webmaster would be pleased to receive other memories of Max to be added to this page.