Items from Chrystine Renfrew

Hornby Companion Series – SOLD

Meccano Collection – SOLD

Assorted Magazines Still Available

A large collection of Meccano Magazines from 1916-1981, about 2/3 real and 1/3 photostat copies, and the International Meccanoman from No. 1 in 1988 to 2018.  There is a Facsimile reproduction of the Meccano Magazine, Vol 1 No. 1 produced in 1916.

Reasonable offers accepted.

CONTACT: Chrystine Renfrew;   0409 829 808

Additional Items for Auction

Chrystine would like Meccano members to have an opportunity to bid for either or both of the two items below.

Separate bids should be made for each item, preferably by email to Chrystine, as this ensures that bids are recorded. (Chrystines email address is If bidders have questions, Chrystine can be contacted on her home phone number 6362 2180.

The deadline for bidding is 30th September 2022, and the highest bid for each item will be successful if they meet Chrystine’s reserve price.

The two items are:

  1. Replica Meccano Geared Roller Bearing in dark grey. Assembled with blue flanged ring and 16 x 0.75″ flanged wheels. Large toothed pinion included. See attached  photos.
  2. Meccano Steam Engine with accessories in near new condition, and with slightly-damaged original box.