Neil Spears Auction

Note: This Auction is in Melbourne and is not online.

As foreshadowed in the August issue of the MMCCI Newsletter, the club has agreed to dispose of the very large amount of Meccano collected and put to good use by Neil Spiers over many years.  Some of the collection is in ‘play-worn’ condition, but there is a large amount of better-quality parts, including some in near-mint condition.

The better-quality and more interesting parts, and items of Meccano literature, will be in lots to be auctioned.  A catalogue of all lots for auction will be sent to all members early in the New Year.

A large quantity of more common parts in good condition are being put into mixed “builders’ lots” in plastic storage cases and boxes. Each of these lots comprises a plastic storage box filled with the more common parts from the Binns Road era of Meccano, and metal and plastic parts from sets released in the last 30 years.  These lots will be sold at bargain prices marked on the boxes –prices range from $25 (for a smaller box) to $50 (for a Meccano plastic storage box with insert tray). 

Additionally, there will be smaller, pre-packed lots, each containing one or several of the same parts –eg. 4 x geared plastic wheel hubs with tyres ($5), 200 x nuts& bolts ($15), a modern MO2 electric motor with battery holder and switch ($5), a motor with reduction gearbox ($10).

The Meccano that has not been packaged will be the more play-worn parts.  Rather than make up saleable lots of these parts, this will be on display in boxes, and members will be able make up their own lots.  This Meccano will be priced at $5 per kilogram lot (or part thereof).


The auction: from 1:00pm, Saturday, 22nd February 2020.  Viewing of lots will be from 12:00 midday

The sale: from 1:00pm Saturday 8th February 2020, before the regular Club meeting on the same day.  This will be the sale of the pre-packaged, pre-priced lots, and of the ‘choose-your-own’ sale.  Please bring your own bags or containersif you intend to pick up any of the $5/kg Meccano.  We will provide the weighing machine.


The events on both days will be at the home of Jack and Carol Parsisson, 7 Meerlu Avenue, Frankston, Victoria.

Please come along and buy –to help out an ex-member who contributed so much to the club in his active days as a participant at Club meetings and exhibitions, and for several years as our Newsletter editor and publisher.


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